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CompetencySet is a cloud service designated to implement the complete cycle of competency assessment and management on enterprise employees. Companies subscribe to the service and give access to their employees. Experts put their competency framework for each job. Employees build developments and managers can follow up these plans till the end. All aspects of Competency theory is taken into consideration so it. The CompetencySet service is created with the cooperation with Ecoman for training and consultancy in UAE. It is fully build, managed and maintained by OpenMind Integrated Services. It was built using latest software technologies to handle huge amounts of data including large competency models and frameworks along with big numbers of employees to be assessed in different enterprises specially working in the field of the oil and gas. Integration to HR and ERP systems is being studied nowadays so it may be added as a feature to the rising service
Arab Food Safety Scientists Platform It is a web-based service built by UNIDO to serve food and Agriculture industries in the Arab world. Scientist and industry interested entities can communicate through this service and work together for the benefit of the both sides. Currently it carries the data of almost 1000 scientists and receives communication from many entities on daily basis
SAAP The Support to the Association Agreement Programme (SAAP) operates within the context of the EU-Egypt Association Agreement and its Action Plan. Operated by the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation and funded by the EU, the role of SAAP is to coordinate, facilitate, coach and monitor projects undertaken by the Egyptian Public Administration through the use of relevant institutional building instruments.
Arabian Gulf University - Training Center (under construction)
A full website and portal for the Training center of the Arab Gulf university in Bahrain. It supports all functionality of the training center including courses, instructors, offers, reservation, management, …etc
Arabian Gulf University Portal (Under construction)
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