School Management System

What is SMS

  • Manages all School Operation and Workflow
  • It can be considered the Central Nervous System of school
  • It is involved in all school activities vertically and horizontally (next slide)
  • It is not involved with Education Collaboration between teacher and Student which is Learning Management System function
  • It harmonizes different jobs and operations of all modules in school to work as organized

General Specifications

  • Full Web-based cloud system.
  • Easy to use system
  • Accessible from PCs, tablets and mobile devices
  • Supports cloud installation and on-site installations as well
  • It is modular and scalable so it fits with different sizes of schools
  • Flexible workflow that can deal with variations in schools
  • All modules are seamless integrated
  • Excel import and export is supported in most possible functions
  • Supports Customizable reports
  • Strict security rules applied on user and data levels

System Modules

  • Based on functionality, System can be divided into functional modules
  • These Modules are seamlessly integrated so no single data is duplicated nor specific to certain module
  • Based on school requirements, they may not need all modules to be activated
  • For End user, he just deals with the whole system with no rigid lines between modules

The System Philosophy: User Centric

User has a specific Dashboard include all user related activities from all modules under the following sections:

  • To-Do-List:
    • Schedules, activities, meetings, training, … etc
  • Measures Dashboard
    • g: increase rate of absence
    • Low results average than other classes
    • Increase number of complains from parents
  • Procedures and Checklists
    • g for teacher: how to use smart boards,
    • What to do in case of emergency
  • Document and Material
    • Documents and material related to courses, activities, …etc
  • Notifications
    • Alerts, reminders, SMS, …etc
  • Available Facilities
    • Printers, tools, cameras, materials, ….etc

Quality Management is Built In

  • Quality management is included within all activities
    • Each activity should have a Procedure
    • Each activity should have a Training, or Training Material
    • Each activity should have a Checklist
    • Each Activity should have a Time
    • Every Employee is Encouraged to use Quality Material i.e procedures, Checklists, ..etc
  • These quality procedures and checklists are monitored and followed up by Managers
  • Based on feedback actions would be taken
  • These Quality checks are subject for continuous Enhancement
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