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System development needs careful planning with a well thought out and proven methodology. It also takes a team of individuals, from designers, coders and IT professionals– all working together in a coordinated dance to see the system go from an idea, to the final “go live”. Our system development methodology is designed with 5 purposes in mind:

Our 5 Targets

Ensure that the system meets and exceeds our client’s expectations
Keep the project within budget
Keep the project on-time
Anticipate and eliminate problems before they happen
Plan for growth

Methodology in OpenMind Integrated Services

Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Here we ask the big questions. Who is the target audience? What are the key features or content that draw people to the existing system? In what areas do you anticipate growth in the future? What systems will the future system need to interact with? Are there regulations and policies that need to be met?

We also analyze your current processes to identify inefficiencies such as dual database entry and management, ecommerce processing, user management and content updating. From there, we brainstorm and consult with our clients to find ways to stream line integrate or eliminate processes.

As a system (and an organization) is always changing, we also review where your system needs to be in the future and analyze what infrastructure and technology is required in order to lay the foundation for future growth and functionality.


In this stage, we begin the process of prototyping the system. This includes creating wireframes, Mockups or prototypes of the various page templates to determine the approximate layout of key elements such as navigation, search tools, social media links, primary and secondary content, etc.

We discuss system Navigation, Security, functionality as well as review comparable systems in your industry. We also look at your competitors to see what they may be doing right, and where opportunities could be found to exploit what they may be doing wrong.

From there we begin creating the initial layouts of the various pages.

Development in Phases

Applying concepts of Agile and Scrum development methodologies, we develop system in parallel phases and iterations.

This guarantees quick development for various system components in parallel which spares a lot of development time.

It also guarantees customer involvement in development so fixations and variations can be applied instantly during development phase. As early changes means less cost and time


Our goal is always to develop a system that can then be turned over to our clients, allowing them to manage the day-to-day operation of the system from then on. To do this takes a powerful, yet easy-to-use content management system, as well as comprehensive training.

During this stage, OPENMIND INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS performs the training necessary to hand over the wheel to our clients. This may include on-site training, remote training via web conference, or training at our facility which has the capacity to train up to 100 people at a given session.


Our relationship with our client does not end when the system goes live. Whether our clients need refresher training, a new custom feature, or they simply need a bit of advice, OPENMIND INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS provides immediate, on-going support and consulting services. In this, they talk directly to the person in our facility who knows the most about their specific question – whether that’s in design, coding, IT, …etc

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